2016       “Mariam’s Day Off”
2015       “Hot land, cold winter” or “28:94 Local time”
2015       “And on the Seventh Day”
2014       “The Illuminator”
2013       “Tailless hermit”
2012       “Invisible world”
2012       “The Pheasant Hunter”
2011       “The writer and the reality: Hovhannes Tumanyan”
2007       “The Enemies”
2007       “Loser”
2006       “Black and White rainbow”
2005       “The Path”
2002       “On the threshold”
1993       “Calendar”
1991       “The Deadline – seven days”
1986       “Kite Day”
1985       “Where are you going, soldier?”
1984       “Path to the Sky”
1984       “We will meet again”
1984       “King John”
1983       “The Price of Return”
1983       “Master”
1982       “The Song of the old days”
1982       “A Drop of Honey”
1982       “Daily routine of a young man”
1981       “Little Love Story”
1980       “A piece of sky” or “A slap in the face”
1980       “Silent Witness”
1978       “Another five days”


2012      “Snapshots” (documentary)
2010      “We are…” (documentary), in collaboration with Davit Matevossian dedicated to 40th anniversary of the film “We and our mountains”.


Film director, actor, script writer

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