Awards & Honours

2015                             Received The Salento Cinema Actor Award
2014                             Received “Hayak” National Film Award as The Best Supporting Actor for the film “Tailless hermit” by Khachik Chalikyan.
2012                             The film “The Pheasant Hunter” took Armenian National Cinema Award “Hayak” as The Best Debut.
2009                             Received “Artavazd” Award by the Theatre Workers Union of Armenia as The Best Actor for the mono-play “Metsamor” based on the essay by Hrant Matevossian.
2003                             Received “The Best Cognitive, Cultural, Educational Project” Award for the film series “Javakhk: We are living here”. Award was given by “Television and Radio Association of Development” NGO.
2001                             Received a Diploma from “Sayat-Nova 2001” The Best Song Pan-Armenian Awards for the song “Back to Yerevan”.
1983                             Received “The Best Actor” Award of USSR State Security Committee for the film “The Price of Return” by G. Melik-Avagyan.
1982                             Received a Diploma from Lenin Komsomol Central Committee of Armenia, The Union of Cinematographers of ASSR and Ministry of Culture of ASSR for the film “The Song of the old days”.
1981                             Received “The Most Charming Actor” for the film “A Piece of Sky” in the All-Union Film Festival in Vilnius.


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